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When you work in the real estate industry, you can’t just work in any office, designed at random. Our industry requires specific design concepts to meet certain needs. That is why the KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor offices were designed by a space planner, specifically with real estate in mind!

Part of the office design includes a Town Square co-working space, and private Prospect Rooms, each with its own designated purpose.

The Town Square is a co-working space where you can work in close quarters with other agents. This type of space has numerous perks, including a community atmosphere. It helps remind you that you’re part of something greater than yourself. Real estate can feel isolating at times, but when working in the co-working space at KW Energy Corridor or KW Memorial, you can bounce ideas off each other and help one another. Chances are, you’ll walk away with a new idea and a feeling of growth!

Overall, co-working spaces are a melting pot of creativity. When you collaborate with like-minded people, problems are solved and relationships are developed. It’s one of the many perks of working for a large company like KW!

Joseph Jack is one our many agents who use the Town Square. He said, “I utilize and appreciate the Town Square space at KW Memorial for numerous reasons, but my biggest would have to be the assistance and sharing of ideas amongst the agents, whether you are just beginning or have been thriving in the industry. You pop a question and get answers from some of the best Realtors in the business.”

Jennifer Lofton is another agent of ours who loves time spent in Town Square! She said, “As a Keller Williams agent, Town Square is a great resource for me. It is a professional, open work space that gives me the opportunity to exchange ideas with other agents (new and seasoned), and creates a sense of community that is not easily found at other offices. I use Town Square almost every day, and I think it has not only made me a better agent for my clients through the collaboration, but also one that is more engaged.”

On the other hand, if you need to buckle down and get your work done in a quiet, interruption-free space, that is what our Prospecting Rooms are for! These quiet rooms offer you total solitude from distractions and noise. It’s better than working around other agents, and it’s better than working from home, with loads of distractions all around you. When you need to get calls in, this is the place to go!

Jessica Moreno works in both the Town Square and the Prospecting Rooms. Of the Town Square, Jessica said, “I really love the co-working space because I feel like being around other productive agents increases my productivity. It’s also nice to bounce ideas off of each other, and to get help with things that might come up with deals!”

As far as the Prospecting Rooms, Jessica said, “That’s where I go when I really need to be in the zone and get my calls in for the day. Those little rooms are the greatest thing ever!”

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